An Immigrant Story

Selma Uamusse’s narrative tells a story of personal empowerment aiming at breaking stereotypes and barriers concerning immigrants. She is an activist and social worker, raising her voice against racism and for social rights for everyone. With her music and her life, Selma Uamusse hopes to awaken spiritual and social awareness, respect, honor and peace in the world.


Anger, This Passion

“Anger” analyses the individual process of anger and violent conflict from a self-experiential point of view. Based on the Roman philosopher Seneca wrote De Ira (On Anger) in 41 BC, one may conclude his words are more relevant than ever today, concerning how we should prevent violent conflict.


Social and economic inequality is often seen as a factor of vulnerability leading to conflict. “Dreams” emphasizes the importance of equal opportunities concerning financial, social and professional motivations by enhancing the dialogue between two generations.

One God

“God” is about the oneness of God and how the Abrahamic religions share common values around the 10 commandments, such as peace, tolerance, inclusion and freedom. Throughout the three worship spaces, the narrative creates a visual dialogue between the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim religions inspired in their individual architecture, history and culture.

About Peer2Peer

Peer2Peer is a social media campaign which main aim is to engage and reach local communities to be aware about the problem of violent extremism and its consequences by encouraging role-models, such as actors, public figures or athletes, to deconstruct social issues related to violent extremism. As a consequence, relevant actors from civil society will have their voices amplified about multiculturalism, interreligious dialogue, equality of opportunities and violence.
The videos produced under this campaign are based on testimonies and will then be applied in social media platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.
The expected result of this campaign is to promote public awareness and civic engagement about how civil society should address this problem, in order be truly empowered to prevent violent extremism. Common citizens will be more resilient to polarization and able to protect themselves in the future.

Help the World

Peer-to-peer communication means the ability to influence each other’s thoughts and views of the world by sharing similar interests, motivations or ideologies. Our aim in developing this campaign is to amplify the voices of common citizens, but we are will not able to be efficient if we work alone.

Our campaign is not only a campaign, but a social movement which aims at replicating positive insights about fundamental rights, democracy and open society. Under the motto “raise your voice against extremist violence", you will have the opportunity to have an active participation in our campaign. The fundamental question should then be: how can you be an activist to help us spreading this campaign?

Your activism includes but is not limited to sending us your narratives (text, film, media) if connected to the campaign’s main topics: multiculturalism, equality of opportunity, interreligious dialogue and violence/hate.

Moreover, you can help our organisation by sharing our videos, posts and other contents in social media by using the hashtag #peer2peer